Tree Fertilization & Mycorrhizae Treatment

In nature, a tree recycles nutrients from leaves and branches which fall from trees and break down. This provides a perpetual nutrient source in the forest. In suburban settings, leaf litter is usually picked up when lawns are mowed. This breaks the natural cycle. Fertilization replaces these necessary nutrients, therefore, allowing your tree to thrive. Crescent City Tree offers deep root fertilization for your trees. Fertilization can increase growth, flowering and reduce the likelihood of your tree becoming the host to diseases and insect pest infestations. Deep root fertilization focuses on getting the necessary nutrients below the ground and into the absorbing roots which are a few inches below the soil surface. This method of fertilization provides for better distribution, less runoff and faster uptake of nutrients.

Crescent City Tree also offers a mycorrhizae treatment for trees that are stressed due to a compromised root system from roots being severed due to construction or roots being covered by fill dirt. When soils are inoculated with this fungi, the fungi and remaining root system form a symbiotic relationship that allows the remaining healthy roots to absorb more nutrients and moisture due to an increase in root surface area. This service is performed via a deep root injection much the same way as fertilization.

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