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Crescent City Tree is the best tree care company in the Greater New Orleans area! Our professional arborists specialize in helping clients increase the value and maintain their beautiful landscape. But, our ultimate goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result of your project. Crescent City Tree provides our customers with a guarantee that a full comprehensive examination of their property will be conducted and a fair price will be given. Fully licensed and insured, please call today for a FREE estimate.

Tree Care Services

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Trimming a tree is about more than just cutting branches out of the way. A single wrong cut can make a tree look unnatural or cause even bigger problems in the future.

Crescent City Tree can handle all of your tree removal and stump grinding needs. We have the staff and equipment to handle any tree that you may need to have removed.

In nature, a tree recycles nutrients from leaves and branches which fall from trees and break down... In suburban settings, leaf litter is usually picked up when lawns are mowed. This breaks the natural cycle.

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