Tree Trimming & Pruning

Here in New Orleans, you need routine tree trimming or pruning for several reasons such as: removing hazardous deadwood, raising canopies, removing sucker growth and/or removing select branches within canopy interior, removing crossing branches, and crown restoration.

  • Removing deadwood routinely from trees significantly reduces the chances that people or pets will be struck with a potentially fatal blow from a falling limb. Damage from falling dead or decaying branches causes homeowners to pay for costly repairs due to damages to their roof, cars, decks, landscaping, fences, etc.
  • Routinely raising the canopies of your trees improves both the view of your house and the view from your house. Drooping or rubbing branches damage roofs especially on windy occasions. Low branches can become a pathway for animals and insects to enter your home. Vehicles may strike low-hanging branches leaving you liable for vehicle repairs along with causing significant damage to your tree.
  • Cleaning sucker growth and/or select branches from the interior of a tree improves the aesthetic properties of a tree, improves light penetration to patios, decks and lawns and allows for better airflow which will improve a tree’s chances of surviving the next storm without damage.
  • Crossing branches will cause damage to both branches involved. This will allow both decay and insect infestations to take hold. A decision generally needs to be made to remove one or the other.
  • Crown restoration may be required to restore the beauty and balance of a tree’s canopy after it has sustained some sort of damage from things such as disease, storms or improper pruning.
Tree Trimming New Orleans