New Orleans, LA - Tree Care

New Orleans would not be the home we know and love without its beautifully tree-lined city streets everywhere you go. Despite being one of the oldest and longest developed cities in the country, the people of this city have always made sure that when they step out of their front door, that there are still mature oaks, magnolias, and crepe myrtles all around giving shade and a sense serenity everywhere you go.

As a result, quality tree care in this city has become a bit of a premium commodity. Everyone wants their trees to look like Oak Ally or City Park, but most of the arborists with the skill to maintain trees that well have become quite expensive. When we founded Crescent City Tree, one of our biggest motivations was that we were appalled by how much the cost of tree care was getting out of hand for our clients. So, we set out to gather only like-minded arborists who know what they are doing, and care enough about their community to do it for a reasonable cost.